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Welcome to RICE DREAM!

RICE DREAM Non-Dairy Beverages and Non-Dairy Frozen Desserts.Dreaming of creamy and delicious, gentler rice-based products? Then the dreamy assortment of RICE DREAM® beverages and new and improved frozen desserts are the perfect solution!

Our delectable variety of products include good-for-you favorites such as Heartwise and Enriched non-dairy beverages, as well as the heavenly selection of new and improved frozen desserts and novelties. Whenever you want to replace dairy or to enjoy as a healthy treat, there is a variety of RICE DREAM that makes it easy and delicious.

Shelf Stable Non-Dairy Beverages

SOY DREAM Shelf Stable Beverages

RICE DREAM shelf stable beverages have a light, refreshing taste and the innovative shelf-stable (aseptic) packaging, ensures that it will stay fresh in your pantry for up to a year. Have it chilled or warmed any time of the day. Drink RICE DREAM by the glass, pour on your morning cereal, or use in your favorite recipes. Not for use as an infant formula.

Refrigerated Non-Dairy Beverages

SOY DREAM Refrigerated Beverages

Chilled and ready to drink. Enjoy Refrigerated RICE DREAM right away. Available in the dairy section of your store, it is the perfect alternative to milk. Enjoy a chilled glassful or with your favorite morning cereal.

Frozen Non-Dairy Desserts and Novelties

SOY DREAM Frozen Desserts and Novelties

Indulge in the smooth, creamy taste of new and improved RICE DREAM frozen desserts. We've combined the finest ingredients to create the dreamiest non-dairy confections. These all natural treats contain no refined sweeteners, no cholesterol, are lactose free, and are available in a wide variety of dreamy flavors. With a taste this good, you won't miss the dairy!

View the Product Q & A for more information about RICE DREAM Non-Dairy Beverages, RICE DREAM Heartwise and RICE DREAM Non-Dairy Frozen Desserts and Novelties.

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