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Welcome to ALMOND DREAM!

ALMOND DREAM™ Non-Dairy Beverages offer an added benefit over other Non-Dairy Almond-based beverages. Delicious and creamy ALMOND DREAM provides an Excellent source of Antioxidants Vitamins A and E and is fortified with Vitamins B12, D, and Calcium. ALMOND DREAM is available in Regular Original and Unsweetened Original. Whenever you need a wholesome delicious snack, ALMOND DREAM™ almond non-dairy yogurts are high in calcium and a good source of fiber, low fat and contain live and active cultures.

Shelf Stable Non-Dairy Beverages

ALMOND DREAM Shelf Stable Beverages

ALMOND DREAM shelf stable beverages have a light, refreshing taste and the innovative shelf-stable (aseptic) packaging, ensures that it will stay fresh in your pantry for up to a year. Have it chilled or warmed any time of the day. Drink ALMOND DREAM by the glass, pour on your morning cereal, or use in your favorite recipes. Not for use as an infant formula.

Frozen Non-Dairy Desserts and Novelties

ALMOND DREAM Frozen Desserts and Novelties

ALMOND DREAM™ all natural non-dairy frozen desserts are the first line of almond-based non-dairy frozen desserts made with real almonds. They have a rich creamy, smooth taste that is delicious and refreshing - a natural indulgence that is lactose free with no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives and no trans fat and highly refined sugars. ALMOND DREAM is available in delicious Pints, Dessert Bites and Lil’ Dreamers sandwiches.

ALMOND DREAM™ Almond Non-Dairy Yogurt

ALMOND DREAM™ Almond Non-Dairy Yogurt

ALMOND DREAM™ almond non-dairy yogurt is the newest addition to the ALMOND DREAM™ Brand family. All natural and made from real almonds in four fabulous flavor varieties, Plain, Vanilla, Mixed Berry and Strawberry - it’s a deliciously smooth and creamy natural indulgence.

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